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Current Membership Stats
Participating Members 55
Participating Stores 47,467
Retail Shrink Average 2.20%
Alarm System Use 80.0%
EAS System Use 40.7%
CCTV System Use 47.9%

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a subject heading below to view answers to frequently asked questions about the National Shrink Database. Should you have any further questions, please Contact Us.

How is my information protected and who will have access to it?

The information is protected in a secure hosting environment, with access restricted to key CAP Index and LP Innovations personnel. Users cannot identify member-specific data.

How does the database get its information?

Shrink and security measure information is provided by the retail membership. The quality of the NSD depends upon timely and accurate data from the retail community. Members provide updated shrink and security measure data at least once per year, with many members providing multiple updates annually.

Does the National Shrink Database compete with other industry databases?

No. Although some of our statistics may be similar to other industry databases, our primary focus is to provide statistical information that allows retailers to benchmark themselves against specific retail segments within specific geographical areas. Our approach is unique among industry databases.

How does a retailer get started with the database?

Contributing members can sign up and provide their data to join the NSD. A spreadsheet template is provided to guide data submission. Access to the database is then granted through a user ID and password. Retailers not providing data can join for an annual license fee.

What is the cost of database access?

Contributing retail members are currently provided access at no annual cost. It is our goal to continue allowing free of charge access to those who contribute their data to the NSD. Non-contributing retailers are charged an annual fee based upon the number of users.