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Current Membership Stats
Participating Members 55
Participating Stores 47,467
Retail Shrink Average 2.20%
Alarm System Use 80.0%
EAS System Use 40.7%
CCTV System Use 47.9%

New Membership

Access to the National Shrink Database® website is restricted to retailers who have a contractual agreement with the National Shrink Database.

Contributing retail members are currently provided access at no annual cost. It is our goal to continue allowing free of charge access to those who contribute their data to the NSD. A spreadsheet template is provided to guide data submission.

Retailers not providing data can join for an annual license fee. Contact us to learn more about licensing fees for a non-contributing retail membership.

Interested in becoming a new member? Complete the form below and a representative of the National Shrink Database will contact you about membership.

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